The Waterside Hotel Eastbourne

The Waterside on Eastbourne’s Royal Parade was in a prime location but was almost derelict when we were brought in to advise on a total refurbishment. The 800 sq m, 20 room hotel was run down and the top floor had rooms open to the elements, with pigeons nesting in them!

We produced services drawings to completely rewire and revise the plumbing, heating and ventilation throughout the building.

The client, Xtra Entertainment, favoured an eclectic, boutique style approach, to carve a niche in the existing conservative hotel market in Eastbourne. We embraced this idea and created individually designed rooms with luxury en-suite bathrooms and shower rooms. Rich Osborne & Little wallpapers and fabrics were used to contrast with simple modern design to create inviting and relaxing spaces. To take advantage of the glorious views through the huge bay windows at the front of the building, roll-top baths were installed within the bedrooms, with sheer blinds providing modesty without spoiling the view. Basement rooms were utilised fully as spa suites combined with home cinema facilities. Smaller rooms on the top floor were enhanced with skylight views and a telescope to watch the stars.

Creating dining and lounge facilities combined with a reception area on the ground floor presented a challenge for space planning and zoning. Strong, warm colours and a diverse range of furniture upholstered with bold, vibrant patterns were combined with a cool, relaxing, colonial style veranda room.




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