Sell your boss on blogs.

More Than Words


Is your boss anti-blog?

Are you having a difficult time explaining to upper management why your business needs a blog? We’ve all been there, here are a few answers to common concerns. Here, let’s try a little role play…

1) Manager: We don’t have the budget for that.”

You: Really? No problem! I understand your concerns, but guess what? We can acually start a blog on a ridiculously low budget or use a free platform like WordPress. As long as the blog is on our site, that’s what matters.

2) Manager: Our web traffic is down anyway.”

You: Actually that’s a great point, and exactly why I want to start using a blog. The blog can help us bring traffic levels up and quickly. By having a blog attached to our website we’ll be able to rank higher in search results since we’ll constantly be adding new content that…

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