How To Lower Your Electric Bill : Cooking Out!

Nicely written!

Patrons of the Pit

Well, its hot outside, and getting hotter, with a relative humidity to match the sultry basins of the hot birdAmazon jungle. What once seemed like an eternal Minnesota winter is nothing but a distant memory now, something we paw for in the parched recesses of our minds. A thermal reality has settled in over the land, by and far, and our pavement is like that of cookie sheets. Cows have willingly tipped themselves over, for to mire in the green grass there beneath the dappled shade. Community swimming pools and beaches are froth with wee screaming children and ageing women.  Slurpee machines have run dry, and slip-n-slides have been deployed in red-carpet fashion, to usher in the summer heat. Even the tweety birds seek relief but from a small stream of cool water. Its hot out there folks. And what do think we’re going to do? Well light a fire of course!

20130710_190811_edit0Let it…

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