3 Questions Before You Post

Very sensible…

More Than Words


Are you making sure you have all of your bases covered before clicking “Publish’? Here’s a few questions you should ask yourself every time you push a blog post live:

1) Have I channeled my inner grammar Nazi? It’s basic, right? Right. But daily I see news articles and blogs with typos, misspellings or awkward spacing. And while I’m a grammar nerd myself, I’ve been guilty of the same offenses. Somehow little typos or wrong-wordings are always more obvious to you after you hit Publish. A quick solution that works for me is reading the post out loud – this can make mistakes more apparent and less embarrassing. Using a browser with built-in Spell Check helps too.

2) Did I address my audience directly? If you aren’t stopping to talk directly to your readers then you could lose them half-way through your post. Make sure you are letting them know…

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