A successful collaboration

We are proud to have been a design partner working alongside the Sodexo Knead Street Deli team and PRDP on a new outlet located in the offices of a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.


As part of a complete refurbishment of the building, the new deli counter provided an unusual opportunity, being located within the central atrium of this three floor building, in an island configuration serviced by a kitchen a short walk away.

The counter is overlooked from the two floors above, so it was important that these views were taken into account in the design; hence the inclusion of a living garden on the central back counter canopy and by ensuring that the operation can be seen to be crisp and efficient from any angle.

A major consideration was to ensure that this high quality deli offer can be delivered at speed, with the best conceivable presentation standards. Where possible, customers can help themselves and pay using a series of wave & pay terminals.

The counter includes the following food offers:

• Chilled & ambient grab & go 
• Soup & pasta
• Artisan deli sandwiches
• Hot food selection
• Chopped salads
• Barista coffee
• Changing daypart displays.

A breakfast offer consisting of porridge, toast & spreads is provided from a mobile counter parked close to the coffee section each morning.

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